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Words win business – are your words working as hard as you are?
  • Are your communications compelling?  Does your promotional text clearly and succinctly describe the ways in which your personal values are reflected in your business offerings?  Have you described your products and services in ways that are specific, memorable, accurate, relevant, and timely?   Is it obvious to readers what tangible benefits they will gain by using your offerings - and why they should contact you today? If not, I can assist you with the brainstorming, messaging, writing, or editing necessary to refine and express your vision. 
  • Do your communications instantly resonate with native speakers of English?  American Business English has conventions that strongly impact word choice, order, structure, and flow.  Most people can’t explain those conventions, but they instinctively know when something “just doesn’t sound right.”  If your business materials don’t look or feel “natural” to them, they’ll move on to the next website, advertisement, or marketing brochure that does.  Don’t give away business that should have been yours.  Let me ensure that your written materials clearly present your story in ways that reach your target audience.  I’ve had decades of experience editing the writing of gifted technical professionals and managers whose first language was not American English. 
  • Do you need a Proposal Closer™?  The proposal is due soon – but is it fully compliant?  Persausive?  Internally consistent?   As a big picture strategist with a keen eye for detail, I can perform quality assurance checks and highlight the fixes that could mean the difference beteen a business win and loss.  After the proposal document has been  submitted, I can conduct an “after action” training with your staff.  Using  proposal writing and editing guidance that I’ve authored, I can help you continuously refine and improve your proposal writing process.

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