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and I'd like to write them for you! 

Because I:


I write words that win business –

Why would you take me up on this offer?



You’ll get the products you need, on the timetable we established. No excuses.

     Am deeply committed to your success.

My livelihood depends on client satisfaction – and my satisfaction comes from furthering your business dreams.



You’ll get the products you need, on the timetable we established. No excuses.

     Translate “Technospeak.”

Some brilliant professionals freeze at the sight of a verb. I’m highly skilled at turning their input into readable, polished, and compliant technical prose.

     Write words that pull their weight.

I will capture your vision, and tell a compelling, value-based story that differentiates you from your competitors.

     Offer editing without attitude.

My edits – light or heavy – preserve both the message and the author’s dignity.

     Am a “big picture” strategist with an eye for detail.

I can have a positive impact on your business operation beyond assistance with word choice, logic, and flow.

     Communicate what I know.

Skill-based Information isn’t a scarce resource – it’s a source of mutual empowerment.  I’ll share my thought processes, reasoning, and observations with you and your staff.

     Scrupulously protect your proprietary information.

I never reveal information about company processes, products, bidding strategies, or other sensitive information to anyone without your permission.

     Offer a free consultation with an “on the spot” writing sample.

Let’s talk – and I’ll give you tangible proof of my ability to write words that win business.  Please contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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