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The only writing sample that’s likely to be of interest to you is the sample that I create for you using your own material. However, I can share plenty of general tips, techniques, and approaches with you. 

Take a quick look at the table below, and click on the links that interest you.  If any topic is particularly relevant to you, let me know. I’ll be glad to provide further details during a personal chat.


Poses a series of four questions that will help you define and communicate the essence of your business.



Requests critical marketing information about your business so that I can share it with prospective clients.   You can easily re-purpose this form for use within your own business networks.



Explains how the use of patterns (such as chronology and similarity) enhances the flow of text and keeps the reader’s attention.  The document, “Words that Signal Text Relationships” is a companion piece to this selection.



Discusses five critical competitive advantages and encourages business owner to identify and detail which factors apply to their products and services.



A “triage” document that offers eight key tips for fixing a document with readability problems.


  Displays, in a table format, a large number of words and phrases that indicate different kinds of relationships between text elements.  The document, “Creating Bridges for Readers” is a companion piece to this selection – and should be read first.


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