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Business writers charge for their services in so many ways that it’s impossible to directly compare prices. 

That’s why I’m encouraging you not to. 

Instead, let’s talk – one on one – about the value that my decades of writing, training, and consulting can bring to your business.  To start the dialogue, I’ve laid out a few basic facts in the form of questions and answers. After you’ve had a chance to digest them, please contact me.  We’ll schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to address your questions, expectations, and specific writing needs.  
Q:  What’s your basic rate?

A:  $60 an hour. 
Q:  Do you charge different rates for different types of writing services?

A:  No.  It’s too confusing to the client, and doesn’t accurately reflect the nature of the work.  I also don’t charge different rates for small, medium, or large businesses – although it’s common to do so. 
Q:  Why should I hire a senior writer when I only need to have a  little copy written?

A:  The smallest job may hold the key to your next business success.  Why not benefit from my years of experience and refined skills? 
Q:  How can you price this job without knowing how many hours you’re going to spend writing?

A:  After we’ve agreed on the scope of work, I’ll give you an estimate.  If you wish, I’ll also put a Not To Exceed clause in our contract that will cap the amount of money that you will pay. 

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